New Mercedes-Benz Concept Car Communicates With Pedestrians


The concept of self-driving cars isn’t necessarily a new one. Plenty of large technology companies have ventured into the space with prototypes meant to transport commuters from Point A to Point B with no actual driver behind the wheel; rather, the vehicle’s technology is meant to sense where it is and objects around it in order to successfully navigate the roads. 

But one rogue factor in the equation complicates real-world applications of the concept: pedestrians. Humans are by nature unpredictable, and unless self-driving cars can account for the unexpected factors people present, it’s safe to say they won’t get far on the actual pavement.

But Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler has rolled out a new concept that aims to tackle this problem. The automaker recently announced its iteration of a vehicle that can “see” pedestrians and respond to them in real time, and it’s entirely based around eye contact. The company has developed a 360-degree camera system for what it calls the “Cooperative Car,” a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. Blue strips of light encompass the vehicle around the windshield, grille, headlights, mirrors, and lamps mounted on the roof, which follow pedestrians as they encounter the car at intersections like a pair of mechanical eyes, so people feel “seen” by the car and are more comfortable navigating around it. The rest of the lights flash in different patterns to communicate to humans whether the car is in operation or not. The concept is intended to build trust and instill a sense of safety for anyone on foot in the vicinity.

Autonomous vehicles may not be on the consumer market just yet, but Mercedes-Benz is still a top name in the industry for technology and new advancements, and it’s evident in the luxury experience the vehicles available at Mercedes-Benz of Southampton. Contact our car dealers serving Long Island, NY today to learn more!

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