Last-Minute National Car Care Month Ideas


April is National Car Care Month, and though it’s nearing the end of April, it’s never too late to celebrate the month. At Mercedes-Benz of Southampton, we love National Car Care Month because it helps us take into account what a great life we have, working and dealing with cars, which is the one thing we love most in this world. Here are some basic maintenance procedures to look into as you care for your vehicle this month:

Check Your Fluids

The fluid system under the hood of your vehicle is an intricate system that helps cool, lubricate, and clean the most important components of your car. At times, these fluids run low and even lose their quality from regular wear, and it’s up to you to make sure they are refilled or replaced, so the performance of your car will always run well.

Check Your Hoses

The hose system transfers important fluids, and even ambient air, to places where they are needed, and like the fluid system, these hoses can suffer from regular wear, decreasing the performance of your car. Hoses can get brittle and lose its elasticity, causing leakage. If enough leakage occurs, loss of power may occur.

Check Your Brakes

The brake system is arguably the most important system in your vehicle simply for the main fact that it helps stop the vehicle. Needless to say, stopping performance is key to ensuring your vehicle doesn’t run off into accidents, and the best way to maintain high stopping performance is by regularly maintaining your brake system.

But the best maintenance procedure of all doesn’t make you check anything other than a calendar, so you can schedule an appointment with our Mercedes-Benz service center and have our technicians deal with all the systems within your vehicle.

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