Your Guide to Changing a Flat Tire from Mercedes-Benz of Southampton


One minute, you’re cruising down the road in your spacious and sophisticated Mercedes-Benz GLS or your refined Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and the next minute, you’re pulled off to the side of the road with a flat tire. Many people fret over the idea of changing their own tire, but knowing how to do it can help save you time and stress, while also allowing you to get a head start on getting a new tire. Here is a short guide, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz of Southampton.

Pull Over and Find Your Tools

Make sure you get your car to a safe spot, either off to the side of the road or, ideally, in a parking lot. Gather all the tools you need, such as the tire jack and tire iron, which should be conveniently located in the trunk of your car, along with your spare tire. Put the car in park and have the emergency brake on before you begin.

Loosen the Lugs

The lugs are what keeps the wheel attached to the car, so you’ll need to remove them. Loosen them with the tire iron, but don’t take them all the way off just yet. You’ll want to have the car’s weight to help anchor our movements when initially loosening the lugs.

Raise the Car

Position the jack under the frame of the car to raise up the flat tire off the ground. Most modern jacks have an intuitive crank function, so you’ll just need to rotate the crank to lift the tire up a few inches off the ground.

Replace the Tire

At this point, you can take the lugs all the way off, remove the wheel, and get ready to put the spare on. It may take some time to get the spare wheel on, but once you do, tighten the lugs as much as you can, lower the jack, and place all your materials, especially the wheel, in the trunk. From here, head over to our Mercedes-Benz service center near Huntington, where our technicians can fit your vehicle with a new tire or repair your current one.

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