Mercedes Original Tires

A premium vehicle deserves premium tires. Mercedes Original (MO) Tires are specifically designed to perform, optimize and endure.
Why MO Tires?


Earning the MO Seal of Approval

Each Mercedes Original tire is developer in cooperation with elite tire manufacturers, specifically to fit your vehicle. They must comply with over 40 detailed specifications and pass multiple rounds of testing and modification, including the rubber mixture, structure and tire tread. Only once it reaches the Mercedes-Benz level of quality will it earn the "MO" label on the side of the tire.

Advantages on the Road
See and feel the difference that MO tires can provide. 

Increased Safety

Mercedes Original tires are adapted to individual vehicle models and their unique handling characteristics. With perfect harmony between tire, road, surface, suspension and driving safety systems, MO tires guarantee increased safety, specifically when it comes to braking and hydroplaning.

Performance and Efficiency

Compared to conventional tires, Mercedes Original tires are designed for low rolling resistance, and ideal handling and comfort. These characteristics lead to better overall performance, but also reduced fuel consumption and greater cost efficiency.

Additional Mobility with MOE

MOE stands for Mercedes Original Extended. This tire variant features run-flat properties that keep your vehicle under control following a loss of tire pressure, affording you the ability to reach a safe space to fix or change your tire. It should be noted that MOE tires must be used in conjunction with a tire pressure monitoring system to ensure proper performance.
MO Tire Types
Mercedes Original tires come in five distinct types, each crafted for unique compatibility and purpose.

Mercedes Original

A true Mercedes Original, MO tires are developed, tested and adapted to individual Mercedes-Benz models.

Mercedes Original 1

Made specifically for AMG®, MO1 tires have a rubber mixture and carcass structure that match the vehicle's suspension.

Mercedes Original Extended

MOE tires rely on reinforced side wall to enable safe continuation following a loss of pressure.

Mercedes Original Silent

With a unique foam insert, MOS tires provide optimized noise characteristics for select S-Class vehicles.

Mercedes Original Vans

Adapted for the driving dynamics of vans, these tires achieve particularly high mileage at low consumption values.
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