Mercedes-Benz Genuine Batteries

The technological advancements in your Mercedes-Benz depend on a technologically advanced battery.
Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Batteries?

Precision. Power. As German engineering intended

Every single part is designed with one thought in mind: moving you. How your journey starts matters as much as where you go.
See the Benefits

Fine-tuned to Your Mercedes-Benz Drive

Any decent battery can start your engine. But is any other batter fine-tuned to complement this exact network of engine sensors, electrical harnesses and signal receivers the way a Genuine Mercedes-Benz battery is? Unparalleled performance starts here.

Made With Engineering That's Respected Worldwide

Only Genuine Mercedes-Benz batteries live up to the exacting requirements and relentless excellence of German engineering, making them one of the few batteries in America to meet such high global standards.

An Advanced Battery for an Advanced Ride

Driving is a different experience than it was 30 years ago, thanks to back-up cameras, AI-driver assist and radar-controlled brakes. These safety features and technology in the cabin required a similar leap in technology for batteries. Absorbed glass-mat (AGM) batteries are a whole other class of battery for the new class of vehicle.
Why Have Your Battery Inspected?

Batteries Show No Weakness

The sensitive electrochemical reaction inside your car's battery is held in a delicate balance. Temperature extremes and time itself chip away at the battery's strength, and its ability to carry a charge strong enough to start your vehicle. Short drives drain your battery. Heat ages it. Cold chokes its ability to charge. Even as it weakens, engine systems compensate, masking the damage.

 You can't see the problem just by looking at your battery. But your certified technicians can. A battery inspection includes a through analysis of how much power the battery can hold, what weaknesses have developed and how likely it is to fail in the coming weeks. When you schedule regular battery inspections, you can start every drive with confidence.
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