An evolution of electric luxury.
Pouring over a century of our knowledge into electric mobility, Mercedes-EQ transforms how we think about driving and delivering the luxury and performance you expect from Mercedes-Benz.
All-Electric Powertrain
The Mercedes-EQ all-electric platform, powered with renewable energy, advances the way we move.

MBUX Hyperscreen
Unveiling the next chapter of interaction between vehicle and driver comes the available MBUX Hyperscreen.

Over-The-Air Updates
Activate completely new vehicle functions with over-the-air updates via your user profile in the Mercedes me store.

Charging at Home
Mercedes-EQ vehicles can be charged conveniently at home with the ChargePoint Home Flex installed by Qmerit. This gives you a fresh charge at the start of your day, just like your smartphone.1

Charging On-The-Go
From shopping centers and workplaces to parking garages and service areas along the highway, discover how easy it is to plug into the electric future.

Owner Benefits

Tax Credits & Incentives

Owning an all-electric Mercedes-Benz comes with more than a few perks. Consult your tax advisor for any state or local incentives for purchasing electric vehicles.2

Cost of Ownership

The cost of electricity - measured by kilowatt hour, or kWh - typically remains steady, with average rates at roughly 15 cents per kWh. That's about $540 a year - less than half the cost of fueling a conventional vehicle.3

Service & Maintenance

Battery upkeep is easy and typically requires fewer scheduled maintenance visits. Owning a Mercedes-EQ means you get complementary comprehensive coverage with your first scheduled maintenance at 2 years or 20,000 miles.

What's Ahead

Future of EQ
Electrifying the line-up.
This journey began with the EQS - a vehicle embodying the iconic S-Class, built with a highly advanced electric architecture that forges the path for all upcoming Mercedes-EQ models.
Setting our course toward carbon-zero.
We have the power to shape the next era of mobility with Mercedes-EQ. We call it Ambition2039 - our strategy to create a carbon-neutral fleet of passenger vehicles across the globe within the next 20 years.


EQS Sedan

More than a new era of motoring, it's the new flagship of the electric fleet. The EQS is here to make every day a fresh start for your own future.


It's the SUV, reinvented. The electric vehicle, reimagined. Because it doesn't just excel in how far you can go on a charge. But how far you can go in every sense.


With big ideas in a compact footprint, carbon footprint included, what makes a great all-electric SUV? It starts with being all-Mercedes.

EQE Sedan

Progressive power electrifies a tradition of never standing still.
With innovation in confidence, comfort, and how you connect to the road and to the world, the EQE keeps you at the forefront.


Advanced, adaptive, adventurous.
More than new, it can update its advancements down the road. More than thoughtful, it can anticipate needs and desires. Beyond futuristic, it can make better use of your time, and make your time using it better.

(1) Level 2 charger not included standard with EQS purchase.


Federal and state government incentives and are subject to change without notice and not within Mercedes-EQ control.

Mercedes-EQ vehicles qualify for up to a $7500 Federal Tax Credit. Tax Credit amounts will vary based on a customer's situation and tax liability. Not all customers will qualify for the full $7500. The Federal Tax Credit amount may be reduced according to credit phase-out rules. This information does not constitute tax or legal advice. For additional information, go to Customer is responsible for providing proper documentation and applying for the Federal Tax Credit. MBFS and selling dealer are not responsible for redemption. No cash value. Federal Tax Credit is only applicable on EQS vehicles that are purchased or financed; excludes lease.