The First to Bear the Mercedes-EQ Badge

Our newest models are changing the future of Mercedes-Benz, and the future of automobiles everywhere.


S-Class levels of luxury with an electric architecture all its own. Arriving this year.


An all-terrain, all-electric SUV with optional seating for seven. Scheduled to arrive in 2022.


A mid-size sedan with E-Class lineage and electric power. Scheduled to arrive in 2022

The Advantage of Electric Intelligence

Electric vehicles present clear benefits in the areas of sustainability and efficiency, but also in performance and design. At Mercedes-Benz, we pledge to embrace the electric future while continuing to build the greatest cars the world has ever seen.

Safety, performance, and technology with an all-electric twist.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles have always excelled in those three areas, and electric drivetrains give us the opportunity to advance our capabilities even further. From quicker acceleration to elevated ride comfort, the benefits of electric power are immediate, but our vision doesn't stop there. Technology "under the hood" is matched by technology in the driver's seat. Improved battery power is matched by improved design. Mercedes-EQ vehicles are built to appeal to your intelligence and your emotions.


Synchronous Motors

All Mercedes-EQ vehicles use synchronous motors, known for their high efficiency, compact size and ability to produce high torque at low speeds.

The MBUX Hyperscreen

Available in the new EQS, MBUX Hyperscreen is a 56" curved glass instrument panel that stretches from door to door and provides a seamless, highly-intuitive interface.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Positioned beneath the vehicle floor, our next-generation Lithium-ion batteries set new benchmarks in performance, efficiency and charging capacity.

Charge at Home

There's no better place to charge up than in the comfort of your own garage. Mercedes-Benz dealers will assist having a high-powered wallbox installed right in your home, so you can charge overnight and be ready to hit the road at a moment's notice

Charge on the Go

Mercedes me Charge is the official charging network of Mercedes-EQ. Through MBUX in your vehicle or the Mercedes me Connect app on your phone, you can seamlessly plan trips, locate charging stations and initiate payment at nearly 60,000 public chargers nationwide.

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