Home is made for recharging. 
Get your garage ready for your Mercedes-EQ and save $400.

There's no better place to charge up than in the comfort of your own garage. Safe, convenient and cost-effective so you can charge overnight and be ready to hit the road in the morning.

Installing a Level 2 Smart Charger can drastically cut charging times and did you know PSEG offers a $400 rebate on select chargers?

Already purchased your charger? Apply online for the $400 rebate.

Need a charger? Get an instant $400 rebate on select models at PSEG's online Efficiency Marketplace.
Purchase and install one of the following qualified "network enabled" Electric Vehicle Charging devices:

    • ChargePoint Home, CPH-25
    • ChargePoint Home Flex, CPH-50
    • Clipper Creek HCS40 (JuiceNet enabled)
    • JuiceBox 32
    • JuiceBox 40
    • JuiceBox 48

ACTIVATE your qualified "network enabled" device* and provide the necessary network identifier (i.e. "Charger ID"). One of the requirements for the PSEG Long Island Smart Charge Rebate and Rewards participants is your permission to access charging usage data, including start dates and times and total charging energy. This data helps PSEG Long Island manage the energy grid to maintain optimum.

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*Chargers need to provide PSEG Long Island with charging data, specifically what times of day they charge, and how much energy is consumed for each charging session. The manufacturers (JuiceBox and Chargepoint etc.) collect and deliver this data (with driver permission), then PSEG Long Island analyzes the information to better understand the impact of electric vehicle charging on the electric grid.